Sep 10, 2010

Identical quadruplets’ first day at a school

Linking the names on the register with the new faces in class is a bit of a headache for any teacher. So imagine the problems of looking after this foursome. Ellie, Georgina, Jessica and Holly Carles are identical quadruplets, and they have just started school. From their height and weight through to their golden corkscrew curls,
the four-year-olds cannot be told apart. Which is why, as they entered the primary school reception class this week, their initials had been written on their shirt collars.
Their mother Julie, 42, was only the 27th woman in the world to conceive identical quads naturally, at odds of 64million to one.
Mrs Carles, a housing valuations manager who lives near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, said her daughters were 'very excited' to be starting school and there were no tears at the gate. The girls all came from one embryo which split into four, and are monochorionic, which means they shared the same placenta.
Because of this, Holly and Jessica received less nutrition in the womb than Georgina and Ellie, meaning they had lower birth weights.
The girls' favourite games involve dressing up, computers and digging in the garden of their four-bedroomed home. They are also still at the stage where they insist on being dressed the same.
'If one tries to be different the others will follow so they will all end up the same again,' said Mrs Carles.
She herself has little problem telling her daughters apart. 'From very early on I started noticing small differences between them,' she said.
'They all have their own distinctive personalities too.' Husband Jose, 37, a landscaping products manager, said he was 'immensely proud' of his girls.
'It's amazing how fast the time has gone. I think when they turn 13 I'll either have to move home or build my own bathroom.'
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