Jan 25, 2011

How to control the volume through your zipper

I think that the clothing industry is responding to the needs of the mobile industry. There are sweaters that have a pocket for a phone or an MP3 player. This particular jacket by Jennifer Darmour is the Zip. It is a stylish jacket that a unique ability for the user to control the volume via the zipper. That’s right, you can zip up the jacket to turn your volume up or down to turn it down.

Movie Review - The Way Back

Master director Peter Weir teams up with co-screenwriter Keith Clarke to bring Slavomir Rawicz’ riveting novel of Siberian survival to the screen. Only a few films in history match this testimony to the endurance, faith and camaraderie to be found in the human soul. When all else fails and faith in the human race is flagging, this film brings hope.

Hridhaan and Hrehaan confused by Hrithik's wax-figure

Bollywood’s Greek god Hrithik might have unveiled his wax-figure at London's famous Madame Tussauds museum recently, but what was more endearing at the launch was the actor’s two doting sons, Hridhaan and Hrehaan looking awe-struck and puzzled seeing their father’s well-toned replica. Hridhaan and Hrehaan were confused and unable to find the dissimilarity between their father’s twin figure and the real one.

Pakistani Fashion shoots are as good as Western shoots

Like every other developed country in the world, Pakistani fashion has followed up very well and Pakistani Fashion shoots have really done a good job.
When you open your eyes with the voice “that’s exceptional, gorgeous, stunning” with the cracking and crunching sound of flashes of high definitions cameras, here you are at the fashion shoot.

How to keep the hair in healthy condition

"Hair brings one's self image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices"
- Shana Alexander.

Healthy hair is the crucial accessory which adds to the overall beauty of a woman or a man. One should keep the hair in healthy condition and maintain in order to get lustrous, damage free, shiny and lush locks.

Indian income tax officials raided the houses of Katrina and Priyanka

MUMBAI: Indian income tax officials raided the houses of Bollywood actresses Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra. According to Indian media reports, both stars are being accused of tax evasion and hiding actual income while filing their income tax returns.

"The Social Network" tipped as Oscars nods unveiled

LOS ANGELES: Facebook movie "The Social Network" hopes to make more friends Tuesday when this year's Oscar nominations are to be announced, as the climax to Hollywood's annual awards season looms. But rivals vying for Academy Awards glory include British historical drama

Twilight" among top of the flops, as nominees for Hollywood's

LOS ANGELES: The "Sex and the City" sequel and the final installment of teen vampire series "Twilight" were top of the flops, as nominees for Hollywood's Oscars spoof -- the Razzies -- were revealed Monday. Renowned Hollywood actors and actresses Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Pattinson,

Aniston, Kutcher vie for worst awards

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - If films starring Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher and the lovelorn cast of “Twilight” left you dumbfounded, you’re officially in good company.
All are prominent contenders for the Razzie Awards, an annual competition honoring Hollywood’s worst movies, actors and filmmakers, its organizer said on Monday.

Chinese schoolkids to take manners classes

CHINESE schoolchildren are to sit mandatory manners classes in an attempt to smooth some of the rougher edges off modern Chinese society, the country’s ministry of education has announced.
From primary school onwards, Chinese children will now receive lessons in the art of queuing, good table manners, how to respect their elders and betters and the correct way to write letters, emails and even send SMS messages.

Scientists close to new definition of kilogram

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists say they are close to achieving a 200-year-old goal of creating a universal system of measurements based on stable quantities, as they progress toward changing how the kilogram is defined.
The kilogram is the only base unit in the International System of Units (SI) that is still defined by a physical object — a prototype of platinum-iridium kept in the vaults of the International Bureau of Measurements (BIPM) in France.

Dubai opens highest eatery

DUBAI (Reuters) - Dubai’s boom may have fizzled, but you can still live the high life perched atop the world’s tallest building as the glitzy Gulf emirate unveils one of the world’s highest restaurants.
Atmosphere, on the 122nd floor, is one private elevator ride up the glass and chrome Burj Khalifa.

Jan 23, 2011

Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ song of the year

PARIS: Shakira stole the show at the 12th annual NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France.

She performed at the event and was one of the big winners, picking up prizes for International Female Artist of the Year and International Song of the Year for her World Cup hit, Waka Waka.

Jan 22, 2011

Your stuck energies force you to be someone who doesn’t exist

Over the years I’ve found that letting go baffles people. They are eager to let go of things that bring pain and suffering, yet by some perverse irony, the shackles refuse to drop away. Abused spouses don’t walk out on their abusers. Addicts reach for more of what is destroying them.

Madhuri and Shahrukh are both hosting shows on TV

These days former Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit is busy scripting a comeback of a different kind.
She has flown down from US to the western Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) - where she lives - to judge a popular dance show, Jhalak Dikhla Ja, modelled on Dancing with Stars.

A 3rd of India's parliamentarians have a hereditary connection

Is India sliding into a pseudo monarchy of sorts? In his splendid new book, India: A Portrait, historian Patrick French dredges up some startling data on the stranglehold of family and lineage on Indian politics.

Turn your Nano into a multi-touch watch

Scott Wilson, the founder of Chicago-based design firm MINIMAL, has put the call out for funding to bring his iPod Nano watch designs to fruition. Wilson has created two unique watch converters that transform the Nano into a multi-touch watch. The TikTok is a basic snap-in style wristband that allows users to easily lock their Nano into the wrist dock.

Samsung creates the world's lightest 3D designer glasses

Samsung is no stranger to good-looking products and now the Korean company has teamed up with glasses maker, Silhouette, to create the world’s lightest 3D designer shutter glasses. According to Samsung, these glasses are 10g lighter than conventional 3D glasses, weighing in at just 28g.

Meditation methods originate out of Asia

There are many things that you want to accomplish when you are learning to meditate. This makes meditation for beginners a difficult journey to begin. However, once you identify the goals you want to meet through meditation, and you have learned the basics, meditation is something that is very simple to do or see about even agency raffish places.

I don't attend award ceremonies - Says Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn has joined Aamir Khan in staying away from award ceremonies. Most functions just market themselves by wooing celebrities and awarding the nominees, who agree to attend the events, says the actor. "I don't attend award ceremonies.

Peepli Live is out of the Oscar race

Debutante director Anusha Rizvi's satirical look at corruption and farmers' suicides in Peepli Live is out of the Oscar race despite producer Aamir Khan's best efforts to publicise the film. India's official entry to the Oscars for Best Foreign Film has been left out of the 9 films shortlisted by the Academy.

Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan patches up

Bollywood's season of patch ups continues. The latest buzz is that Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are friends again. And the patch-up took place at Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's exclusive wedding anniversary bash a couple of days back. Ash and Aamir shared cold vibes over the past five- odd years. The rift happened when Ash walked out on Aamir's film, Mangal Pandey.

Jan 21, 2011

Preview: 'Turning 30' a bold topic

Jeez, it's that sassy spunky urbane chick mouthing that 'f' word again! Last week it was Rani Mukherjee in No One Killed Jessica. This time it's the delightfully spontaneous Gul Panag playing a working-girl in an ad agency on the verge of 30 whose life isn't quite working out, watching her life come apart at the seams.

Yamla Pagla Deewana collecting 23 crores over just the weekend

'Yamla Pagla Deewana' (YPD) released last Friday and what transpired at the box office was truly a pleasant surprise with the film taking a very good start by collecting as much as 23 crores over just the weekend. The success of 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' does lead to mixed sentiments though.

Akshay might co-produce in Film Rejected By Shah Rukh

After a series of films that have not really sent the box-office cash registers ringing, actor Akshay Kumar seems to be making some exceptions for his friends who have stood by him through thick and thin. Sources say that in times like these, when he needs that one big hit to regain his crown,

Madhuri to play mother on screen

Contrary to rumours, Madhuri Dixit has no hang-ups about playing mother on screen. The Bollywood beauty, who is reported to have refused to play Sonam Kapoor's mom in a movie, says she is ready to essay any role as long as the script fascinates her. "I don't feel weird about playing a mother on screen.

Feature-rich concept cellphones

Over the period, people have witnessed a remarkable change in the basic function, i.e. communication, of cellphones. Now, with a majority of cellphone users looking for multiple functions in mobile handsets, the focus of smartphone designers has been shifting toward utility phones that can meet communication as well as multimedia needs, through a single device, of the users.

Casio Exilim EX-H30 Packs a 16.1 MP CCD Sensor

Casio has revealed a new point and shoot camera in their Exilim line, the Casio Exilim EX-H30 (say that five times in row quickly). The camera packs a 16.1 Megapixel CCD sensor coupled with a F3.0-5.9, 12.5X optical zoom lens, or the 35mm equivalent of 24-300 mm.

You write, it types - IRISnotes Digital Pen

It is for those persons who are writer can’t type a single word and spend hours at the computer daily. They type with not more than 2 fingers and *gasp* not a word without peeking at the keyboard. This pen is for those persons. It’s a digital pen and mobile note taker that captures handwritten notes and drawings and then converts them into editable text.

Online Games Instant-Play Titles Direct to the Television

Onlive has announced a system that brings its cloud-based, instant-play titles direct to the television. Instead of sitting in front of a console and loading in games via optical disc or waiting for them to download, Onlive has a bunch of dedicated servers for sending the chosen title straight to the TV over a broadband Internet line.

Jan 20, 2011

iriver Story HD e-book reader

Are e-book readers going the way of high definition? That certainly looks like it, if the naming convention of the iriver Story HD ebook reader is anything to go by. Well, this is meant to help you pass time through long flights as well as other moments of commute,

Your Phone Number on Google Voice Soon

Google Voice users, this is big: You might already be able to port your own phone number into the service. Google just unleashed a test program a few hours ago. According to Google, this ability to port your own inbound phone number is currently in a test phase that's available to certain users (such as us -- we were lucky enough to be among the chosen few).

Why Superhero Games Fail

Professor Zoom killed the Flash's wife by ramming his vibrating hand through her brain. This amazing moment from the Silver Age of comics is at the center of one of my favorite storylines. It's the culmination of Zoom's obsession over Barry Allen,

Special screening of Dhobi Ghat for Dhobis

MUMBAI: Aamir Khan held a special screening of the film 'Dhobi Ghat' for the people, whose lives are the core of the film. 55 dhobis including the President and Vice President of Dhobi association watched the film at the Ketnav preview theatre last weekend.

Journalists ask police to register case against Rani

PATIALA: Journalists in Patiala have asked the police to register a case against Rani Mukherjee, other actors and the filmmaker for using vulgar language in 'No One killed Jessica'.

Razia to follow Munni and Sheila

MUMBAI: Bollywood item songs Munni in Dabangg and Sheila in Tees Maar Khan recently rocked the world; now it is turn for sizzling Razia (Mallika Sherawat) to tread the same trek.

William, Kate say no to wedding gifts

THEY are different. Prince William, the second in line to the British throne and Kate Middleton want to put their own stamp on their wedding day and will shun the traditional wedding list of lavish gifts.
Instead, they will ask guests to donate to charity. The couple will accept presents from close family members, but other guests will be asked to make a confidential charitable donation, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Walking with dead man’s knee

IT happened in a split second - one moment Ben Doltis was playing football with friends, the next he was prostrate, clutching his right knee in agony. The pitch was frozen and slippery, and his leg had twisted awkwardly while he ran. As he fell, he had heard a sickening - and familiar - crack.
‘A year before, I tore a ligament in my left knee and had to take a month off work after surgery to repair it, so I knew it was serious,’ says Ben, a managing director from London in his 30s. A trip to A&E;confirmed his fears - he had torn another ligament.

Teresa Scanlan Named Miss America

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (Reu-ters) - Nebraska’s 17-year-old Teresa Scanlan was named Miss America Saturday night becoming the youngest winner ever in the pageant’s history after a night of being judged for poise, talent, fitness and knowledge.
Scanlan wowed the judges wearing a stunning white evening gown and tickling the ivories on piano with rousing rendition of “White Water Chopped Sticks” in the talent competition.

Jan 19, 2011

Salman’s most eagerly awaited film - Ready

An actor waits the moment when he can bag the best actor trophy and deliver an award acceptance speech that evokes thunderous applause but Salman Khan seems have crossed such boundaries. In 2010, he presented a hit, Dabangg, and for 2011 his film ready polled a most awaited film of this year. He is clearly the man of the moment.

Jan 17, 2011

IOGEAR releases on-lap PC-to-TV wireless keyboard

With the increase in popularity of home theater PCs and internet capabilities being built into HDTVs, browsing the Web sitting on the couch is becoming a popular pastime. But with the web being a “lean forward” technology that requires more complicated input controls than the “lean back”

Wagan Tech's Five Panel Solar Power Generator

There are a number of small portable solar chargers available which are designed to keep mobile gear such as MP3 players and mobile phones powered up when there’s no electrical outlet around. But with people cramming more and more devices on their person or in their cars when heading off the grid,

3G Smartphone Review - Nokia C6

The C6 is an attractive 3G Smartphone complete with a side slide action full QWERTY keyboard & a built in navigation key. It has a stylish & user friendly design due to its touch screen & QWERTY keyboard input methods. The Nokia C6 is from the same Nokia range as the Nokia C3 & the Nokia C5,

Power Nap is good for your health

Name your top 5 guilty pleasures (we’re lumping every delicious, fat- or  carb-loaded goody into one naughty pleasure). Isn’t napping one of them? Honestly, there’s nothing like a solid 20-30 minute crash in the middle of the day when you’re feeling tired or foggy.

Salman goes out of his way to help anyone he loves

Farah Khan’s recent released film Tees Maar Khan did not do very well at the box office. There could be many reasons behind it but what is mostly said and talked is the absence of Shah Rukh Khan in the film. There was a time when Farah Khan said that she would not make a single film without the King Khan.

Nothing new in Deols’ new Yamla Pagla Deewana

In the late 80s-early 90s, Dharmendra did a slew of B-grade films that had the then 50-plus actor at the focal point. The actor did his thing – bashed up bad guys and went over-the-top with his comedy – while the masses loved it and his producers made a small profit too.

Great Tips To Lose Weight - Dietician Rujuta Diwekar

Q: You’ve already written Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight. What was the impetus for this one?
A: I wrote this book specifically for women, when I realised that there was zero information out there. There is a terrible helplessness that women seem to have about their bodies and their hormones, and we fear rather than celebrate every stage of our life.

Jan 12, 2011

Salman Wins Best Actor in Dabangg - Apsara Awards

Actor Salman Khan's blockbuster entertainer 'Dabangg' made its presence felt at the Chevrolet Apsara Awards by bagging eight awards in different categories. The film that has been produced by Arbaaz Khan and directed by Abhinav Kashyap laid its hands on trophies for categories like best film,

Amy Winehouse returns to the stage

She has been rarely seen on stage in recent years but Amy Winehouse took to the mic in South America last night to do what she does best. The 27-year-old singer was looking healthier than ever as she took to the stage for the performance in Brazil. Dressed in a pink and white gingham dress which a dipping neckline,

More often you eat, the faster your metabolism

When you are looking to lose weight you must have an effective weight loss meal plan. Although there are many diets out there that you can try they all have one common goal. That goal is to help you lose weight.

Fuugo unites mobile TV and social media

Here's a fun application from CES 2011 that allows users to centralize broadcast television, mobile TV and internet TV all in one place. Fuugo is a video content aggregator application from Axel Technologies that runs on a wide range of devices, including mobile platforms.

Book Saver Book Scanner for e-Reader

Ion Audio is probably best known for creating those nifty turntables that help those of us who own vinyl records to conveniently convert them into a digital file format. Now, the company has used its digital conversion know-how to create a device that can scan a 200-page paper book and convert it into e-Reader format in 15 minutes.

ErgoSlider Plus+ is traditional mouse alternative

First achieving widespread use with the release of the Apple Macintosh in 1984, the humble computer mouse has reigned supreme as the digital pointing device of choice for more than 20 years. During this time it has seen off countless pretenders to the throne, as well as undergoing some useful (and otherwise) redesigns such as Apple's Magic Mouse,

3G smartphone - HTC Wildfire

The Wildfire is a compact & cut down sized 3G Smartphone which oozes style & comes with a massive variety of Smartphone features. It casing has a solid feel with it touch screen form styling & all in a neatly proportioned size. The Wildfire runs an Android™ operating system version 2.1,

Olympus E-PL2 4G camera - Review

Micro Four Thirds cameras sit comfortably in their own little niche, both in price and performance, between high-end point-and-shoots and beginner-level digital SLRs. They boast interchangeable lenses, large sensors and retro-cool styling, so they appeal to people who are serious about photography and can wax poetic about the compact lines of a vintage Leica.

Jan 10, 2011

Israeli Vulture Spy detained in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian officials have "detained" a vulture on accusations of being a spy for Israel, media reports say.
The griffon vulture was carrying a GPS transmitter bearing the name of Tel Aviv University, prompting rumours it was part of a Zionist plot.

Sunswift IVy claims astest solar-powered car

With a speed of 88.738 km/h (55.077 mph), the University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) Sunswift IVy has claimed the Guinness World Record for the fastest solar-powered vehicle.