Mar 26, 2011

Bieber and U2 unite on Japan fund album

Justin Bieber and U2 are among artists who have agreed to contribute songs to an album to raise funds for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Record label Universal Music said it hoped to release the digital-only album globally by the end of the week.

Of Gods and Men – Movie Review

A beautifully filmed story of self-sacrifice. However, if you want flashy dialogue, do not invite Monks to the party. The Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, or Trappist Monks, is a Roman Catholic religious order of devotees who follow the Rule of St. Benedict. The Rule prescribes silence, poverty, isolation, absolute devotion and the preservation of the spiritual above the carnal and temporal, among many others.

Deepak Perwani Lawn Collection 2011

One of the well-reputed and brilliant Fashion designers is ‘Deepak Parwani’. Deepak Parwani is more famous for Men’s dress designing; but the creative department of Fashion designer Deepak Parwani is not only restricted within the boundaries of Men’s wear like Groom Sherwani, embroidered Kurta, and Shirts but he also designs the Bridal wear along with bridal accessories

Sennheiser HD 515 ‘Headphone of the Month’

Audio specialist Sennheiser has decided that the “Headphone of the Month” award would go to the Sennheiser HD 515 model, where March madness might see you part with your hard earned money for this puppy if it stokes your feelings enough to bring a pair home so that you can enjoy your collection of digital music in a totally new level of quality.

First Look: Nokia Astound Smartphone

Mobile handset maker Nokia Corp. Tuesday announced the launch of smartphone Nokia Astound, which will be available exclusively from T-Mobile USA, the unit of Germany's Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY.PK: News ), beginning April 6. The Astound has a sleek stainless-steel design that features an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and 720p HD video capture, a 3.5-inch capacitive touch AMOLED display, free turn-by-turn navigation from Nokia and access to thousands of free and paid apps via Nokia's Ovi Store.

Mar 19, 2011

Salman Khan is shy of kissing the ladies

Shahid Kapoor has done it. Hrithik Roshan has revelled in it and Emraan Hashmi has even lost the count now. When it comes to kissing their female co-stars Bollywood actors are more than willing. But surprisingly, Salman Khan has been extraordinarily shy of kissing his actresses on camera. Why? Apparently, Anees Bazmee’s film Ready was to have a kiss between Salman and Asin.

Samsung Notebook Series 9 unveiled

Just sometime back we spoke about the fact that Apple has to compete with a battalion of equally-capable devices that are mushrooming every single day. If you thought this was only true for smartphones and tablets, you are grossly mistaken. Samsung has unveiled its Notebook Series 9 in Korea which is believed to stand neck-to-neck in competition with Apple’s MacBook Air.

Cooking aid developed for arthritis sufferers

For those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, just taking a pan of boiling vegetables from the cooker to the sink can be an awkward and dangerous adventure. After numerous interviews with sufferers, Australian university student Ching-Hao Hsu discovered that many regularly risk injury by trying to carry one-handled pans with the aid of a towel. To make such tasks a might easier, Hsu has designed the Arthritis Handle.

Airports scanning: X-ray proof underwear

An underwear to protect passengers' modesty when they walk through airport full-body scanners could soon become a reality. Steve Bradshaw, 54, has invented underwear and vests - for men and women - that are covered with a special paint made from a mixture of metals and glass. The T-shirt printer claims the coating masks body parts but still allows operators to see dangerous objects such as guns, knives and explosives.

'Facebook can help in disasters'

An Australian academic Friday praised the increasing use of social media during disasters, saying there had been a "beautiful display of humanity" on Facebook during recent catastrophes. Communications expert Gwyneth Howell said she had been prompted to research the use of social media following last year's major earthquake in New Zealand's second city Christchurch -- which caused damage but no deaths.

Personal Fitness is very important in a Healthy Lifestyle

Personal fitness pertains to the human body exactly what great tuning would be to an engine. It allows all of us to execute up to our own prospective endurance and energy. The truth is that personal fitness could be the capability to carry out daily duties intensely as well as alertly, along with vitality remaining with regards to taking pleasure in leisure time routines as well as meeting disaster needs.

Katrina Unbuttons her Shirt in the Movie Boom

The hot scene that has Katrina Kaif unbuttoning her shirt in front of Gulshan Grover will come out in the DVD of her debut film Boom. Though Katrina isn’t giving much importance to the scene, Gulshan Grover says it’s a beautiful sequence. Rather than being embarrassed by the scene which was axed from the censored version of Boom when it released and subsequently flopped, Grover says he’s fine with the scene being a part of the DVD.

How to use Internet on i Pad with WiMax USB

I use Wateen USB Dongle as my primary Internet connection. As you may know It is a USB dongle which connects with my Laptop – But, sometimes when I need to access Internet on my other devices such as net-book, cell phones, I Pad etc. simultaneously I end up with no option to share my DONGLE’s internet with them.

Mar 13, 2011

Genetics is”Top of the Pops” in science research

LONDON: Genetics is still the hottest area of scientific research, a decade on from the mapping of the human genome, despite slow progress in translating discoveries into new medical treatments.
A Thomson Reuters Science Watch survey found seven of the top 13 researchers in 2010 worked in genetics, with Eric Lander of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT the world’s “hottest” researcher.

The friendly robot that helps autistic kids

STEVENAGE, England: Eden Sawczenko used to recoil when other little girls held her hand and turned stiff when they hugged her. This year, the 4-year-old autistic girl began playing with a robot that teaches about emotions and physical contact _ and now she hugs everyone.
‘‘She’s a lot more affectionate with her friends now and will even initiate the embrace,’’ said Claire Sawczenko, Eden’s mother.

UN: Small-scale farms could abate world hunger

PARIS: Small-scale “eco-farming” could double food production in many of the world’s poorest regions and also help fight climate change, according to a United Nations report unveiled Tuesday.
The spectre of world hunger looms ever larger as the global population continues to balloon, especially in the least developed nations.

After US, more countries will get iPad from March 25

NEW YORK: The new iPad went on sale on Friday as Apple fans lined up outside stores around the United States to be the first to snap up the sleek touchscreen tablet computer.
Apple began selling the iPad 2, which was unveiled by chief executive Steve Jobs last week, online overnight and in its 236 US stores starting at 5:00 pm (2200 GMT).

China blogger angered over losing Facebook account

BEIJING: Chinese blogger and activist Michael Anti wants to know why he is less worthy of a Facebook account than company founder Mark Zuckerberg’s dog.
Anti, a popular online commentator whose legal name is Zhao Jing, said in an interview Tuesday that his Facebook account was suddenly canceled in January. Company officials told him by e-mail that Facebook has a strict policy against pseudonyms and that he must use the name issued on his government ID.
However, Anti argues that his professional identity as Michael Anti has been established for more than a decade, with published articles and essays.
Anti, a former journalist who has won fellowships at both Cambridge University and Harvard University, said he set up his Facebook account in 2007. By locking him out of his account, Facebook has cut him off from a network of more than 1,000 academic and professional contacts who know him as Anti, he said.
”I’m really, really angry. I can’t function using my Chinese name. Today, I found out that Zuckerberg’s dog has a Facebook account. My journalistic work and academic work is more real than a dog,” he said.
Zhao said there is a long tradition in China for writers and journalists to take pen names, in part as protection from retaliation from authorities. If Facebook requires the use of real names, that could potentially put Chinese citizens in danger, he said.
”For my fellow Chinese, this policy could easily help Chinese police identify them,” he said.
Dissidents in a variety of countries have argued that Facebook’s policy can endanger human rights activists and others if their identities become known.
Facebook says its policy leads to greater trust and accountability for its users.
It’s not the first time Anti has had problems with an Internet site. In 2005, his blog on a Microsoft site was shut down by the company following pressure from Chinese officials.
Microsoft’s action led to a public outcry.
Zuckerberg recently set up a Facebook page for his newly acquired puppy, ”Beast,” complete with photos and a profile. -Dawn

My Facebook Fan Page became the No.1 page in the world - Says Atif Aslam

A large desi population calls Australia its home as it is fast becoming the immigration hub for Asians, especially Pakistanis. But even with such a large community, the country hadn’t witnessed a single live Pakistani pop-rock act… until now.
Atif Aslam just returned from a successful tour of Australia and New Zealand. And no wonder, for the singer is known to represent Pakistan by holding concerts in far-off places such as West Indies, etc.

Emma Watson quits college, goes back to Hogwarts

LOS ANGELES: “Harry Potter” movie star Emma Watson has given up her schoolbooks and gone back to practicing witchcraft, for the films, anyway.
Watson, who portrays the British boy wizard’s sidekick Hermione Granger in the wildly popular movies, posted a message to fans on her website on Monday saying that she is taking some time out of Brown University to finish off the “Potter” films.

In Fashion: What would the French say?

Teaming up with creative consultant and stylist Nabila, L’Oreal recently put up a show that aimed at interpreting the global look of the season, in context of indigenous beauty and fashion trends.
The launch, organised at a farmhouse on Bediyan Road, was unconventionally planned as an outdoor, day-time event where models were styled live on stage while using the Summer Fantasy 2011 product line.

Death threats for actress Veena Malik

LAHORE: A well-known Pakistani actress Saturday said she had received death threats from militants after appearing on the Indian equivalent of hit reality television show “Big Brother”.
Veena Malik, 27, incurred the wrath of hardline Islamic clerics for her performance on “Big Boss”, during which she indulged in several intimate scenes with Indian actor Ashmit Patel that included massaging his head and neck.

Amitabh Bachchan's next: Bbuddah....Hoga Tera Baap!

As he ages, Amitabh Bachchan is taking on younger roles. Now, his next film Bbuddah would see him playing an old man who feels young. The movie was earlier confused with the title Buddha, giving the impression that it was the story of Siddharth Gautam who was known as Buddha after enlightenment. It was even referred to as Boodha, but now, none other than Mr. Bachchan himself has clarified what the film’s title is.

Vaneeza Ahmed just launches her super summer collection for 2011

Vaneeza Ahmed is not just a well known fashion icon of Pakistan but she has proved herself as a designer too with brand name v-9. It is a collection of 9 different well-known designers of Pakistan that include Nomi Ansari, Umar Sayeed and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin the biggies of fashion industry.
Vaneeza Ahmed just launches her super summer collection for 2011.

Is Nargis behind Katrina and Ranbir split?

They broke up even before they made it official! According to grapevine, actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are no longer a couple and Ranbir has a new lady love in his life. Newcomer Nargis Fakhri, who stars with Ranbir in Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Rockstar’ is said to be the actor’s new object of affection. Few days back, pictures of Ranbir and Nargis sneaking out of a Mumbai multiplex was splashed on a newspaper daily. The pictures showed the couple having a good time with Ranbir’s friend, director Ayaan Mukherji.

Abhay gets engaged to model Preeti Desai

Get the box of tissues ready, girls. The buzz has it that Abhay Deol has secretly gotten engaged with his beauty queen girlfriend. Abhay has been dating model Preeti Desai, former Miss Great Britain, for quite some time. Reports suggest Abhay and Preeti exchanged rings at a hush- hush function, with only their parents and close friends present at the do. But the couple is not in the mood to make the engagement public.

Personal CCTV system to see around

So what is it that we’re looking at here? This chandelier is a system of self-surveillance by Royal College of Art student Hwang Kim. Why would anyone want a self-surveillance chandelier? So you can see the world from all sorts of different angles, and see how it interacts with you. Of course, who wouldn’t want that?
In fact, the cameras are recording footage to twelve individual televisions so you can really get that feeling of what people are doing as you walk away.

Sonakshi Sinha wants no uncomfortable and bold role

While Kamal Haasan got his actress of choice -- Sonakshi Sinha -- for his next, a supposed remake of Hollywood film, Hannibal, there will be no lovemaking scenes between the two. The untitled film begins its first schedule in a few weeks and will be shot in London. Initially, Shatrughan Sinha's daughter was hesitant to take the project, but once the veteran actor sat with her for the narration, she was convinced about it.

Katrina Kaif have done many bold roles

Katrina Kaif is awfully busy these days. Amidst a flurry of activity that includes the pre-production work for her home production to launch sister Isabelle, and shooting for films, Kat is caught up rehearsing for her performance tomorrow at the Indian Music Award. "Yesterday we were told that our performances were called off, and in the morning it's informed that the show is on tomorrow.

Music Review: Thank You

Pritam Chakraborty is known for creating interesting and impressive soundtracks, but he fails to compose anything extraordinary for "Thank You". The sounds and songs are ordinary. The music album contains five originals and four remixed tracks.  It opens with a re-arranged version of "Pyar do pyar lo", a hit cabret number from Firoz Khan's 1986 film "Jaanbaaz". Pritam has revisited it with new lyrics and new appeal.

Are women better than men?

We all know that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Despite their basic differences, there are still some common grounds where women have proven to be the better gender.
1. Better Looking
A recent study revealed that women are getting better looking through evolution; meanwhile, men are staying the same. After following more than 2,000 people through four decades of life, the study showed that attractive women had 16 percent more children than average-looking chicks and that beautiful people are 36 percent more likely to ave a daughter as their firstborn. All those gorgeous daughters mean more beautiful women than in past generations.

Last stage of early child development is the five-year mark

Child development is a concern for all parents; in fact, many parents worry as to whether their child is experiencing the normal stages of child development. Because childhood development encompasses mental, emotional, social, physical and language abilities, tracking developmental milestones is a great way to ensure that your young one is growing at a healthy rate.

FiiK electric skateboard has ABS braking system

Sometimes you come across a product that makes you sit back and go "FiiK". You have seen electric skateboards, off road skateboards, even all terrain boards, but a combination of fun, technology, design and street cred has always been elusive. Two brothers on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia have managed to meld these elements together with their electric skateboards.

Mar 7, 2011

10-month-old Micah McArthur laughs hysterically

Parents can spend thousands of dollars trying to make their children smile, but all Marcus McArthur needed to entertain his son was a worthless piece of paper. Ten-month-old Micah laughed hysterically in his pink all-in-one suit as his dad ripped up a job rejection letter piece by piece in front of him. Mr McArthur, 33, who is finishing his doctorate at Saint Louis University and applying for professor jobs, was looking at ways to entertain Micah at home in St Louis, Missouri.

‘Thank You’ is not ‘No Entry Part 2′

Writer-director Anees Bazmee says he doesn’t mix ‘n’ match scripts with projects like women colour-coordinate their clothes and clarifies that his forthcoming romantic comedy “Thank You” is not part two of his 2005 hit “No Entry”. “I read that my script for ‘Thank You’ is actually the script that I wrote for the sequel to ‘No Entry’. Ab aap bataayiye (now you tell me), am I so foolish that I’d just mix ‘n’ match scripts with projects like women colour-coordinate their clothes?

Anupam Kher in Hindi thriller ‘Yeh Faasley’: Movie Review

Yeh Faasley is a Hindi thriller film, directed by Yogesh Mittal and produced by Omprakash Mittal. What could have been an intriguing tale of a daughter inquiring into the mysterious death of her long dead mother turns out to be unqualified hodgepodge of forced sentimentality and lacklustre suspense because the writer-director embarks upon what has become the mantra of a lot of teams playing the present cricket world cup: self-destruction.

Mar 4, 2011

Tangy tuna burgers

    • 8 oz fresh tuna steaks
    • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped
    • small knob fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
    • 1 tbsp soy sauce
    • handful coriander leaves, chopped
    • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
    • burger buns, lettuce leaves, sliced tomato and avocado, to serve

    NEC Casio Mobile MEDIAS N-04C officially announced

    Remember the “thinnest smartphone in the world” that had its pictures leaked recently? Well, the phone has now been officially announced. Going on sale in a couple of weeks by Docomo in Japan, the NEC Casio Mobile MEDIAS N-04C is what the pictures hyped it to be.

    Your Birth Order Helps Shape your Personality

    Did you know that where you fall in your family’s birth-order hierarchy helps shape your personality and plays a significant role in your relationship? Your personality is directly related to how you interact with other people, since the first people you interacted with were your parents and siblings. Here’s what you need to know about birth order types—and how they mix, match, mesh or clash.

    4G iPhone won’t arrive until 2012

    It’s the year 2011, 4G is the “in” thing and everybody seems to be hopping onto the bandwagon this year. Well, everybody except Apple. According to an analyst from Telecom Pragmatics, Sam Greenholtz, the iPhone 5 that will be launching later this year, will not pack any LTE radios and that the iPhone 6 (which will be released in 2012) will be the one supporting LTE instead.

    Targus iPad 2 Rotating Case

    Targus has already unveiled its new iPad 2 case just after Apple announced their new iPad 2 tablet. Their new case features an innovation rotation mechanism that allows you to rotate your iPad 2 from landscape to portrait, with a simply twist. The Targus iPad 2 Rotating Case is available for $59.99 and is constructed with a hard outer shell that your iPad 2 fits into and lined leather effect outer with an anti scratch inner lining.

    Apple has recently Launched IPad 2

    Market research firm Gartner has reduced its PC shipment forecast for this year and next, predicting the growing popularity of tablet computers such as Apple's iPad will cut into the demand for consumer laptops. Gartner said it expects global PC shipments of 387.8 million in 2011, up 10.5% from 2010. Previously, Gartner predicted 15.9% growth.

    Fight back the chemicals that seep into your body

    We often take our bodies for granted. As we eat and drink we cause our bodies harm and create the need to detoxify our bodies. There is a way to fight back and battle the chemicals that seep into your body. You can make lifestyle and diet adjustments to cleanse the toxins already in your body and eliminate the harmful buildup that already exist.

    Crescent Lawn Collection 2011

    Crescent Lawn Collection 2011 is the first ever Lawn collection by STONEAGE. Brimming with enchanting floral prints and exotic color combination, the Crescent Lawn collection 2011 highlights the colors of feminine soul in truly an enchanting way.
    Crescent Lawn is brought to you by Crescent Brands which consists of Stoneage, Bloodline & Crescent Bahuman.

    Vidya is latest leading lady of Rajinikanth

    Rajnikanth's next Rana has been the talk of the town for some time now as has the casting of the female leads. Though several names were tossed around including Katrina Kaif and Asin, last we've heard is that only Rekha and Deepika Padukone were confirmed.

    What Women Want In a Man - Original List

    We all know how hard it is for men to please women because what women want in a man changes every 10 years. It is very hard to find all the mentioned qualities in one man, but nevertheless,  Checkout the ever changing list…

    Priyanka recently met Lady Gaga

    If all goes well, out desi girl Priyanka Chopra will soon be recording an album with international singer Lady Gaga. The actress reportedly had a closed door meeting with some music giants regarding the same. A source said, "Priyanka even met with Lady Gaga . And, in all likelihood the 25-year-old American singer-songwriter, who is a rage and our very own B-town beauty may just collaborate on an album."

    Mar 2, 2011

    IPad 2 is coming on March 2

    With Apple's iPad 2 event less than 48 hours away, the rumor mill is spinning faster than ever. What's the wisdom of the Web predicting? A thinner, lighter iPad with at least one camera and beefier hardware. The consensus is that iPad 2 will be more of an evolution than a revolution from the original iPad, of which Apple has sold more than 15 million.

    Salman Khan has become the Dabangg Khan of Bollywood

    Post Dabangg success, Salman Khan has got a new name; he is the industry’s Dabangg Khan and now also the highest paid actor in Bollywood. If reports are to be believed, then Salman has charged a whopping Rs 17.5 crore for Ready and he is also a partner in profit sharing of the film which is directed by Anees Bazmee. The figure is unbelievable but that’s the buzz which has got the tongues wagging in tinsel town.

    Indoor Plants Give us a Daily Boost of Endless Breathable Air

    We thought this post would pertain to everyone since most of us live indoors and in major cities where the air quality outdoors has been shown to be cleaner than the air inside of our homes. With all the pollutants and gasses that rarely get to escape, our homes have become havens for walking allergens and toxic chemicals that are surely causing loads of air traffic!

    V for Vlawn by Vaneeza Ahmed

    After years of supremacy in the world of fashionism, Pakistan fashion industry’s notable fashionista – a fashion model-cum-actress-cum-designer and arguably most beautiful face – Vaneeza Ahmed aka ‘Vinne’ launched her own lawn collection under the name Vlawn. Soon as Vinne introduced her own lawn collection, it gathered huge acclaim and fan following.