Sep 23, 2010

Annie Khalid’s new song Be My Baby

Annie was born in Lahore on 27 March 1987. She came to UK at the age of 6 months. She grew up in East London and later moved to Essex with her parents. Annie grew up in a very multicultural town. She was a part of the east London Dance Company and often used to enrol into dance workshops during her half term vacations. In late 2005 Annie sitting bored in her house, started humming a melody. She took that melody to a friend who introduced her to a music arranger.

Sep 19, 2010

Mental Health Issues of Adolescents

Picture a young girl sitting on a swing, slowly swaying back and forth, staring blankly at empty space. The girl appears apathetic, forlorn and a sense of sadness envelopes her. This young girl is experiencing what unfortunately so many children are experiencing today. This young girl is experiencing grief, depression and it can someday lead to other serious concerns such as academic failure, substance abuse and suicide.

Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Muinuddin Chishti

Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti is indeed an ornament to the city of Ajmer. It is one of the holiest places of worship in India not only for the Muslims but also for the people of other faiths who hold the saint the high esteem and reverence. As mentioned previously. The Khwaja Saheb, as a ‘living spirit’ of peace and harmony, enjoys universal respect and devotion ever since he set his holy feet on the soil of Hindustan.

Amir Adnan’s Sherwani Collection

1990 saw the evolution of men's fashion in Pakistan when Amir Adnan, a business graduate by profession, stepped out to realize his own individual style, at the same time translating it to the demands of a frustrated market. The need for a simple necktie took him to Italy where he trained and returned with an ingenious approach to reconstructing this basic accessory.

Perfect Fit Collection by Stoneage

Stoneage is a brand identified by its progressive, cutting edge borderline funk that has been inspired by the growing need for an urban youth trend movement. We design with an edgy creativity while focusing on modern lines and sleek fits. Each and every item out of our denim/casual-wear collection has been designed and tailored with the confident sassy young men and women of today in mind, bringing out their inner freedom.

Tabassum's Summer Fall Collection 2010

The Label ‘Tabassum Mughal’ is a reputed brand in Pakistan and is also being recognized globally. Tabassum Mughal’s signature designs are synonymous with high panache and impeccable sensibility. Tabassum retails her exclusive women’s wear at her own studio in Karachi. She works by appointment at her workshop and can customize clothes to your liking.

Simplest Fashion Tips for Men

Knowing what to wear and how to wear it can be of great benefit to men, and with a little bit of knowledge can also be very easy. Men most of the time are not very conscious of their fashion and style, but some basic fashion tips are must to follow for every men. Here four more ways to achieve a simple and classy look will be discussed. Stop – This is a Hold-up – BeltsAs mentioned in the previous article, properly fit pants are essential to a stylish man's look.

Makeup Tips to Deal with Humidity and Heat

Looking your best becomes a bit trickier when the warmer weather teases your tresses and melts your makeup quicker than you can bat an eye. A fully made-up mug may not be conducive to looking fresh and fabulous on a hot, sticky day, but a few heatproof makeup tricks and tips could really help you save face, literally. Warmer weather can create havoc on your makeup. So, to beat the heat and look your best, you need to keep these tips in mind:

Hina Khan’s Fashion Collections

Nowadays, it’s difficult to purchase expensive dresses of Pakistani famous designers and it’s only Hina Khan is the one who can solve your problem. Hian Khan Design to decorate you... whatever you wear whether it is traditional, glamorous or formal my clothes will help you to fit for your body type. Hina Khan’s price ranges and customer services will ensure to make you more glamorous. Hina Khan is a perfect copy master of any dress design/designer and Hina Khan don't use much vulgarity in the dresses.

Ajay-Kajol name their son Yug

Ajay Devgn and Kajol have named their new born son Yug. It is taken from Sanskrit word Yug, meaning ‘life’ or ‘being’. It also means ‘eternity’ or ‘era’. Kajol gave birth to a baby boy on September 13. The couple has a seven-year-old daughter named Nysa, named after the goddess of beauty in Greek mythology.

Katrina and Salman have reconciled

One of Bollywood’s most legendary romances could well be rekindling. Katrina Kaif, they say, has gone back to Salman Khan. Not so long ago, both Katrina and Salman were shouting from the roof tops that they were single. “But not anymore. They have reconciled their differences and are back together as a couple,” says a source. One good indication of this patch up is Bodyguard, Salman’s sister Alvira’s directorial debut, slated for Eid 2011,

Asin soon to join top league actresses

In Bollywood, if an actress gets to star in a Yash Raj or a Rajshri film, that puts her straight to the top league. Well, in the ad world, some brands do the same trick. For Bollywood actresses through the ages, Lux has been a brand which they take pride in endorsing. After the top league actresses like Aishwarya Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, the latest one to join the Lux family is the Ghajini girl Asin Thottumkal.

Sonam Kapoor to wear bold clothes

Sonam Kapoor reinvents her look for Abbas Mustan's Italian Job remake. The flick now has an official title: Players. It goes on floors in November. It is learnt that the actress will be seen in sexy minis and short dresses for the part. And that Anahita Adjania will style her. A source close to the project reveals Kapoor's look, "Abbas Mustan are famous for presenting their girls in the most glamorous way. Hence, in Players, Sonam will be seen in some really hot western clothes. Apart from her ensemble,

Couple gets married 160ft up in the air

Talk about taking the plunge - this thrill-seeking couple found a hair-raising way to get hitched at more than 160 feet in the air. Love really was in the air when this pair was wed on a platform suspended 50 metres above the ground - before celebrating their marriage by launching themselves off the edge. The bride, groom and celebrant are hoisted up on the enormous crane - accompanied by some 20 guests,

Amazing escape captured on camera

A lucky seal launches itself to safety from the mouth of a great white shark - using the predator's razor sharp teeth for leverage.Photographer Chris Fallows, 38, watched breathlessly as the Cape fur seal darted left and right in a desperate bid to evade the relentless attack 11-foot-long shark. The massive creature caught the terrified seal in its mouth but failed to get a proper grip - allowing the seal to launch itself to safety as the shark tried to get a second bite.

World's shortest man with biggest biceps

Pint-sized Khagendra Thapa Magar is within reach of becoming the world's shortest man - as long as he doesn't suddenly have a growth spurt in the next two weeks. At 22 inches, he is currently the shortest teenager on the planet. But as soon as he turns 18 on October 14, he will be eligible to take on the title of the world's shortest adult male. Displaying just how petite he really is, Magar was pictured in London being held aloft by body builder Tiny Iron.

Britain's oldest Girl Guide, still volunteering

If the Girl Guides did a badge for long service, Betty Lowe would have an arm full of them. The remarkable pensioner - Britain's oldest Guide - is still volunteering her services at 102 years young. Betty, who is registered blind, joined the movement in 1919 when she was 11. And in the finest Guide traditions she does a regular good turn at Salford Royal Hospital. Betty, who was born in the year after Robert Baden Powell launched the Scout movement,

New album will change the world: Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa has opined that her new album will "change the world". The singer, who recently announced the LP's title as Born This Way, believes her music has the ability to liberate people. "The album is my absolute greatest work I’ve ever done and I’m so excited about it," she said. "The message, the melodies, the direction, the meaning, what it will mean to my fans and what it will mean in my own life - it’s utter liberation.

Crook has mixed sort of music

Music composer Pritam Chakroborty, who is a favourite of the Bhatt camp, brings forth another likeable soundtrack in forthcoming film "Crook". Even though the compositions fall under his signature style and not much experimentation is involved, the tracks do have the potential of getting noticed. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film stars Emraan Hashmi. The album boasts of eight tracks. The soundtrack begins on an upbeat note with "Challa",

Shakira to portray Goddess Kali in Bollywood

The singer and songwriter who's famous for her sizzling belly dance moves, is now set to enthrall Bollywood with her acting skills! The Columbian sensation has said yes to play Goddess Kali in an Indian project. The film will be produced by Karan Arora, CEO of High Ground Entertainment Ltd. Arora confirms the presence of Shakira in the project. He tells Mumbai Mirror "Shakira is on board. She has agreed in principle.

Facebook movie ‘The Social Network’

Mark Zuckerberg knows us beter than we know ourselves. He’s got over 500 million friends attesting to it. In creating the internet phenomenon that is Facebook, he’s proven something about this generation: it’s not special. Modern life is just as checkered with uplifts and heartaches as that of times past. But why is it that we, once given the opportunity, choose to share those feelings to countless others?

‘Machete’ is simply a revenge story

Robert Rodriguez’ Machete could use some serious cuts.  Despite adopting the tone of a lean, mean exploitation flick, the film feels flabby and is burdened with too many characters and a convoluted plotline that reduces the screen-time of its Mexploitation hero.  It’s particularly frustrating when what works in the movie works so damn well.  The action is exciting and the jokes are hilarious.

Mallika is the revenge of a restless soul

Certain stories that the Ramsay Brothers attempted a few decades ago are being rehashed and packaged in new avtaars to this date. The revenge of the restless soul, the reincarnation bit, the spate of murders, the decomposed dead body coming to life… haven't we watched it all in the past? Mallika is hackneyed, uninspired and clichéd from start to end. Also, there's nothing in the film that would make you jump out of your seat or give you sleepless nights at home.

Bachchan wins the Best Actor award

His punctuality is legendary…and on a day which is one of personal triumph, on which a few minutes here and there would readily be overlooked (witness camera crews, hungrily in wait) his arrival, on the clock, to the minute, is a revelatory surprise. Those at the very top, are often the humblest people, shorn of pretence, artifice and Amitabh Bachchan, superstar, confirms this. Meanwhile, his joy today is palpable and why not? A few hours before,

I've finally done something for Salman: Arbaaz

Arbaaz Khan is happy that by producing Dabangg he has done something for brother Salman Khan and not just vice versa. He feels the movie has been great for the whole family. "Let's be practical and honest - his (Salman's) last big hit was Wanted and the way things are going this one can be twice or thrice bigger than that.

‘There was nothing derogatory in Munni...’

According to the sources, Salman Khan’s Dabaang’s item number song ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ received a legal notice for Song line following this way – “Munni badnaam hui darling terey liye, baat yeh aam hui darling terey liye, leh hindustan hui darling terey liye.”A Mumbaikar, B. Rajkumar Tak has filed a suit in the court against Director Abhinav Kashyap and producer Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Khan and Dhilin Mehta for using the word ‘Hindustani’ in the above mentioned line from the song.

Meesha Shafi – The Dum guttkoon girl

Steadily but surely creating a niche for herself, Meesha Shafi boasts of a multitude of talents. A graduate from the NCA in Lahore, she is a popular artist with a flair for oil on canvas. The gifted gal has also dabbled in acting and modeling along with representing L’Oreal Paris in Pakistan as one of the spokespersons, as well as being the lead vocalist for the percussion-based fusion band, Overload. On how she manages to multi-task, Meesha says, “Multi-tasking is not a problem.

Lady Gaga wins eight MTV Music Awards

Lady Gaga dominated the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles taking home eight prizes including video of the year. The singer, 24, who won seven of her "moon man" trophies for Bad Romance, cried as she picked up the top award from Cher at the end of the night. "I was so nervous tonight that I'd let my fans down," she said. Meanwhile, country star Taylor Swift sang a song about Kanye West.

Everyone according to me is dabangg: Salman

The crackling promos have whipped up a fresh wave of frenzy for Salman Khan. Even before its release, movie buffs have turned into wow mode as regards 'Dabangg', fearless Khan and costar, new find Sonakshi Sinha. The premier production of Arbaaz Khan, helmed by Abhinav Kashyap, is already being hailed as a sure fire winner at the cine stakes. He's peerless and undoubtedly, fearless too.

Sep 13, 2010

Mini-PCs to boast Blu-ray drive

There’s no doubt the format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray scared a lot of consumers away from upgrading from DVD to a higher definition format. Even though it’s been more than two years since Blu-ray took the honors and HD-DVD was relegated to the technological scrap heap sales of Blu-ray players haven’t really scaled the heights that manufacturers would have liked. But as prices continue to drop more and more Blu-ray devices are hitting the market.

HP Mini 5103 notebook brings more comfort

Looking for a new netbook to tote around on your travels? You won’t be disappointed with HP’s offerings, despite many netbooks these days being the same within (and for some, without). After all, HP didn’t become to the top computer manufacturer in the world for no apparent reason. You can choose netbooks from different manufacturers,

P5 headphones from Bowers and Wilkins set

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), the company that boasts the distinctive Zeppelin iPod dock, Nautilus and Panorama amongst its line of high-end speakers, has made its first foray into the headphone market with its P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones. With a slim design and great sound reproduction that provides warm bass and stunning clarity through the mid-range and high-end,

Hair-Care Myths Debunked

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and boy, do we take that to heart. Women spend inordinate amounts of time and energy washing, styling, and caring for their hair (and let’s be honest—men do, too), all for the sake of keeping it shiny, healthy, and manageable.

Windows Phone 7 vs. iOS & Android

Steve Jobs ones said that iPhone, iPod and almost any other Apple product is software wrapped up in an accordingly capable hardware. This statement is very legit but nowadays has to do more with smartphones than it has to do with desktops or notebooks. PCs benefit from wide range of hardware components each having its impact on user experience and in majority all they run is one of two or three operating systems. Smartphones also run one of two or three operating systems,

Samsung’s new RF, QX and NF notebooks

Samsung has started the day with their new notebook family announcement. To give it a short review I’d say five out of six new Samsung notebooks are perfectly faceted for studying needs which means they are not too big, not too small, not too posh and not too humble. The sixth one however is a netbook and doesn’t share key features its bigger brothers have: Intel Core i-series processors and NVIDIA Optimus graphics technology.

Nikon introduces new COOLPIX cameras

Shortly after launching the new COOLPIX S1100pj with inbuilt projector, Nikon has announced three new COOLPIX cameras to its ever-growing COOLPIX range. The P7000, S8100 and the S80 are filled with functions and specs you don’t often see on point-and-shoot cameras.

Eid, Eidee and the Kid’s Excitement

Eid means a feast or a festival. It mainly refers to religious holidays, most primarily Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr, two canonical festivals of the Muslim calendar. Eid is generally characterized by special prayers and sermons, family gatherings, visits of extended family and friends, special charitable acts and distribution of Eid gifts and sweets. Eid is generally greeted by saying two words that is ‘Eid Mubarak.’

Trendy Frock collection by Threads & Motifs

The premier fabric store bringing you the most creative and innovative intricately embroidered fabrics. We continuously strive to blend high couture designs & styles and introduce fresh ideas in our stores on a daily basis, at affordable prices.  We provide our customers with the complete, elegant and stylish look saving them the time , effort and money.

Exercises to Do at Your Desk at Work

Don't you always feel like you're sitting/working for long hours every day? That kind of work could take a toll on your health and you body's flexibility. Plus with no exercises done, you may end up getting back pains, headaches and become less productive at work. Why torture yourselves with such bad choices regarding health? I agree that sometimes, struggling with work and home responsibilities, you may not find time to work out.

Fort Munro of Dera Ghazi Khan

Fort Munro hill station, situated at a height of 6,470 feet above sea level, is about 185 kilometres from Multan and around 85 kilometers from Dera Ghazi Khan in Suleiman Mountain Range. Fort Munro is just beyond the Punjab border. The term ‘fort’ appears somewhat overstated since the town appears more like a calm hill resort with gardens and orchards rather than a military station.

Salman Khan to style up ‘Bigg Boss 4’

Though the man looks dashing in suits, Salman Khan will not take the classic route for Bigg Boss 4. As Salman means bindaas, so will be his style in the show. The star will shun formals, quite unlike Amitabh Bachchan who was always seen in nifty suits for Bigg Boss 3. Salman’s sister Alvira Khan will be in charge of designing clothes for him along with the Dabangg designer Ashley Rebello. Like it or not,

Will Smith's daughter releases track

Will Smith's daughter Willow has released a song online. The 9-year-old sings on the track, called 'Whip My Hair', in which she repeats the chorus "I whip my hair back and forth". The song has already clocked up over 70,000 views on YouTube since its leak, and has gained praise from fellow artists. Solange Knowles recently tweeted: "Willow Smith make me wanna whip some haiiirrr in this house. Ummm kill em girl. Kill em!"

Song making of Munni Badnaam Hui – Dabangg

After performing in ‘Honth Rasile’  in bollywood film Welcome – 2007, Malaika Arora performing in an item Munni Bagnam Hui again for a Bollywood film “Dabangg” produced by her hubby Arbaaz Khan. Incidentally this is for the first time that Malaika would be appearing in an item song for a home production. The song has a tantalizing title that goes as ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’,

GaGa to release behind-the-scenes book

Lady GaGa has revealed that she is planning to release a book documenting her 'Monster Ball' tour. The 'Poker Face' singer, who is currently on her second US leg of the worldwide jaunt, is putting together a collection of backstage photographs taken by Terry Richardson for the book. GaGa told Vogue: "He wanted to do a book about the Monster Ball.

Centurion, a story about Romans fighting

A pre-chainsaw extravaganza where the Romans talk like James Bond and the Picts have better military backgrounds than the American generals who invaded Afghanistan. Michael Fassbender, Dominic West and Olga Kurylenko team up for this roller coaster of brutish violence set in the first century AD in the desolate winter of the Scottish Highlands. “Centurion” follows on the heels of the much-ballyhooed “Robin Hood”

Dabangg: Entertainment guaranteed

The fight between good and bad has been the fodder of many a Hindi film of 1970s and 1980s. In fact, it wouldn't be erroneous to state that these films dominated the cinema of yore and a lot of us, who have grown up on masala films/wholesome entertainers, will vividly recall the serpentine queues outside cinema halls and a mad scramble to book the tickets of those films.

SRK credits Salman for fitness fad

Just a couple of days back, on a TV show, Salman Khan made it clear that there is no possibility of a patch up between him and Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), with whom he fell out a couple of years ago. Salman was quoted as saying, “Shah Rukh and I don’t talk anymore. We had a misunderstanding and parted ways. There is no chance of Shah Rukh and Salman coming together in the future.” All may not be well from his side, but it appears that SRK wants to mend bridges with his former friend.

Be nice to A R Rahman: Vishal Dadlani

Negativity surrounds music director A R Rahman’s Commonwealth Games theme song; people have openly expressed their dislike and said the Oscar winner couldn’t live up to their expectations. But, for composer Vishal Dadlani, a part of Bollywood’s music fraternity, people should understand and appreciate what Rahman has done for music and India.

Sep 10, 2010

One in four gives fake net names

More than a quarter of people online have lied about their name and more than one in five has done something online they regret, says a new report. The behavioural and psychological impacts of online life are outlined in a report from the security firm Norton. The report suggests that two-thirds of web users have been hit by cybercrime,

Google Instant promises live search results

Google has sped up its internet search engine by launching a new product, Google Instant, that displays results as soon as users type in queries. "This is search at the speed of thought. It represents a quantum leap in search," the company said. Previously Google's suggested search terms and did not reveal results until the "enter" key was hit or the "search" button was clicked.