Dec 19, 2011

Wateen Tariffs for Thunder Bolt and Bolt 2

Thunder Bolt device is being sold only with commercial packages and upfront amount will be Rs 2500/-. “Thunder Bolt“ will be sold only to those customers who want to use voice services (voice & data both).

Bolt2 device will be sold with USF & Commercial packages both and Upfront amount will be Rs 1999/-.

Bolt2 Wateen Wifi Security Patch

Wi-Fi firmware patch version : v2.10.13.4-g1.0.3-wateen for new Device Bolt2 is available now and server is updating the software periodically. If you wish to update it, follow the below troubleshooting steps to enable security key as per below screenshot.

Steps to secure WIFI: (Path

Open console by typing in Browser’s address bar.
Enter the user name and password as “User”.
Check the firmware version.
Follow the procedure if required firmware version is available.