Dec 19, 2011

Wateen Tariffs for Thunder Bolt and Bolt 2

Thunder Bolt device is being sold only with commercial packages and upfront amount will be Rs 2500/-. “Thunder Bolt“ will be sold only to those customers who want to use voice services (voice & data both).

Bolt2 device will be sold with USF & Commercial packages both and Upfront amount will be Rs 1999/-.

Bolt2 Wateen Wifi Security Patch

Wi-Fi firmware patch version : v2.10.13.4-g1.0.3-wateen for new Device Bolt2 is available now and server is updating the software periodically. If you wish to update it, follow the below troubleshooting steps to enable security key as per below screenshot.

Steps to secure WIFI: (Path

Open console by typing in Browser’s address bar.
Enter the user name and password as “User”.
Check the firmware version.
Follow the procedure if required firmware version is available.

Oct 16, 2011

Moniter Invalid Clicks to Avoid Suspension of Adsense Account?

I would love to share tips to track invalid adsense clicks, to make sure you are on safe side.
Many of famous websites and blogs are facing the issue of invalid click and therefore suspension of adsense accounts. Who are these people who click on your website madly which results in blockage of your account?  Well they are rivals and they do it for personal dislike and professional greed.

Monitor your Adsense Account on Daily Basis
  • Monitor your adsense account once a day; 3-4 times a day is even better.
  • Keep an eye on (Click through rate) – to make sure it’s around your daily average
  • If CTR goes very high, then you should start worrying and take necessary action to make sure you are safe.

Oct 15, 2011

Ali Zafar: To Kiss Or Not To Kiss Katrina is The Question To Be Asked

Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar , who has just delivered his second consecutive hit, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, after Tere Bin Laden (2010), is troubled by the to-kiss-or-not-to-kiss dilemma in films. Zafar, 31, is now set to star in romantic comedy, London Paris New York, and is said to have several kissing scenes with co-star Aditi Rao Hydari (above left).The actor earlier was quoted as saying:

Sep 23, 2011

Facebook's Big Changes: Reveal More, Consume More

Facebook's f8 conference started off on a light note, with Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg doing his best Mark Zuckerberg impression, but the conference quickly got down to serious business with some big changes for the world's biggest social network.
With a huge smile on his face, Zuckerberg showed off a new kind of Facebook profile, called the "Timeline." Think of your Timeline as a digital scrapbook that builds itself automatically through your activity on Facebook.

2 Minute Video: Quick Look at the Facebook New Interface

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at his company's F8 developer conference to unveil the social network's most drastic interface overhaul since 2008. The new features will be rolling out to users in the coming weeks, but here's a quick preview of what's in store.

Sep 14, 2011

Reshaping of the Middle East | New Maps of the Muslim World

Pakistan right now is the epicenter of global controversies. The Americans are using a massive psychological and disinformation war against Pakistan to prove that Pakistan is part of the global war on terror and is the representative of terror. The American war on terror has six grand strategic objectives.

Aug 31, 2011

How Many of You Actually Use Twitter? Good Question

Here's a shocker for you: Newt Gingrich probably didn't pad his Twitter follower list with fictitious accounts. And, to make matters weirder, the reason that people thought that he had is the same reason why even Twitter isn't sure how many users it actually has: inactive users.

What do you have to Say about New Privacy Features of Facebook

Last week we reported that Facebook was set to give its privacy pages a much needed facelift.
Its goal? To better streamline the controls granted to users over who can and can't see their content. Previously Facebook users had to navigate through an unclear array of menus to get to their privacy settings. Now, that control is inline with each post, as well as available through multiple access points.

Aug 29, 2011

Nokia 100 and 101 Affordable Color Display Mobile Phones Launched

Nokia has now announced the launch of their “most affordable phones to date,” the Nokia 101 and Nokia 100, both candy-bar handsets with a 1.8-inch colour display along with “attractive designs” and a range of fun and practical features.

The Nokia 101 is the 5th handset to feature dual SIM in the last 3 months

Aug 25, 2011

Katrina Kaif's action packed cameo

Actress Katrina Kaif will be seen doing an action sequence for the first time in Rajeev Ruia's upcoming animation movie Main Krishna Hoon, where she plays a cameo."There is an action sequence of Katrina Kaif in the film. She has done marvellous action. This is the first time where she is doing action of such kind, " Rajeev told IANS. In the movie, there is a kid called Krishna and an animated Lord Krishna.

Monroe is off my body - Megan Fox

Hollywood star Megan Fox is removing her tattoo of screen siren Marilyn Monroe in a bid to avoid attracting negative energy. The 25-year-old actress began laser treatment on her forearm inking earlier this year and said that she wanted to get rid of the tattoo because she thinks the late screen icon is a negative character, reported Daily Mail.

Steve Jobs Will Become Chairman, Resigns As Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as chief executive officer of Apple. The reason is presumably health-related—Jobs went on indefinite medical leave in January—but neither Jobs nor Apple gave specifics in their statements. Tim Cook, Apple's chief operating officer, will replace Jobs as CEO, while Jobs will serve as chairman. Cook was already handling day-to-day operations during Jobs' leave of absence.

Aug 22, 2011

Hari Lari's Exclusive Eid Collection 2011

 Hira lari is most common knownly designer for her trends of fashioning clothes. There are some latest lawn collection by Hira lari for this upcoming Eid. Being young and passionate Hira Lari brings new trends and thoughts in the world of Pakistani fashion. Eid is an our  religious ocassion and we always celebrate the Eid with joys and happiness. Now the Eid-ul-fitar is coming and every women wants to look gorgeous and beautifull like always.

Priyanka wants me to sing for her - Jay Sean

International pop star and songwriter Jay Sean, who performed in the city on Saturday night as part of the Bacardi Like It Live, Like it Together events, can’t wait to work with good friend Priyanka Chopra. Sean was spotted at dinner with the actor in Mumbai last week, and is composing a few songs for her forthcoming international pop debut. “I have written three songs for her,” he says.Sean says the two discussed a lot of music on that visit.

Great Anara Tower in Dubai

Top industrial design schools, take note. Anara Tower is the most cool and nice architecture on the world. Anara Tower was a proposed supertall skyscraper located in Dubai. It would have been 600 m (1,968 ft) tall with 135 floors. It was designed to look like a massive wind turbine.

It was to be a mixed use tower with offices, retail spaces, apartments, and an art gallery.

Screening of Slackistan in Lahore

Slackistan was screened at Ali Auditorium in Lahore to a packed house and has been well appreciated in its quarters.The screening mostly composed of the youth with over 500 viewers in 2 days of screening.Slackistan has been the center of a lot of controversy in terms of its bold approach towards the youth however it does portray what the youth of Pakistan actually is rather than the CNN style outlook of a terror stricken country with mullah's and suicide bombings.

Ali Zafar and Katrina Faif in Mere Brother ki Dulhan

The Katrina Kaif-Imran Khan starrer Mere Brother Ki Dulhan will have its world premiere in Abu Dhabi on September 7.The red carpet event will be attended by film's lead cast Imran, Kaif, Ali Zafar and director Ali Abbas Zafar.Zee Aflam, a pan Arab Bollywood film channel has joined hands with Yash Raj Films for the event."Mere Brother Ki Dulhan follows the success of our earlier release Band Baaja Barat, and is a quintessential Yash Raj Films Family Entertainer.

Penelope Cruz just might be in Dhoom3

Dhoom makers are going global with the third part of their franchise. The search is on for a Hollywood actor to play Aamir Khan's love interest in the film. The hotties short listed include Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman and Eva Longoria.

"Yashraj has never worked with an international star in any of its films. The production house has now decided to take the Dhoom franchise to a global level.

Aug 12, 2011

Katrina aint no Negotiator

Katrina Kaif, who is working with Shahrukh and Salman Khan in different projects says it's not not her responsibility to facilitate a patch up between the warring Khans, after their friendly relations soured following a showdown at the birthday bash of the actress few years ago. Katrina will be working with both Salman and SRK under Yash Raj Films banner. The film with her ex-beau is titled, Ek Tha Tiger, a romantic thriller, directed by Kabir Khan of New York fame. The film will be released in 2012.

Aug 1, 2011

How to install and configure RoboForm for visiononlinejobs

1. Go to and search for RoboForm, download and install it.
2. While installing RoboForm you will be asked to create an account, you can skip it as we don’t need to create an online account.
3. Once installed, create an identity in RoboForm and set values required for your project.
There are three fields we need to fill very carefully as per the assigned project.
·         Subject i.e. Marketing Services (VOJID) [make sure to replace VOJID with your unique ID]
·         Your registered email i.e.

How to Post Ads really Fast on visiononlinejobs

It is better that you learn all the short keys on keyboard to post ads without the help of mouse. Desktop is recommended for this job as it increases your performance. Observe your working and try to set your own goals to post maximum number of ads per hour. I have set the record of 230 ads per hour and now I am struggling to break my own record.

Jul 28, 2011

Your iPhone Can Fix the Debt Ceiling Mess?

Getty Images
As lawmakers in Washington continue to wrangle over a solution to the debt-ceiling mess, their search for a compromise has now got them thinking about iPhones, iPads and other smartphones and tablets.

That's because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has added the sale of wireless spectrum to his proposed package of spending cuts and revenue-raisers that would accompany a debt limit increase.

Jul 5, 2011

Google & Microsoft Both Kicking Hulu's Tires

Is Hulu for sale? Not exactly.

The L.A. Times reports that Google and Microsoft have both been entertaining the idea of purchasing the online video service, which is jointly owned by NBC Universal, Fox, and Disney-owned ABC.

However, L.A. Times says, "The presentations to the potential suitors are a first step as Hulu's owners weigh whether to sell the site after having received an overture from Yahoo."

Now There Are 200 Million Tweets Being Sent Per Day

It's hard to imagine that when Twitter first launched in 2006 it'd become the monstrous cloud of information it is today.

To say the service fundamentally changed the world by changing the way we communicate isn't even an overstatement — it's really become a fulcrum for culture in more ways that one.

Amazon Does not Want to Disclose Its Carbon Footprint? /
Just how environmentally-friendly is

Sure, the company has a page dedicated to how it's "constantly looking for ways to further reduce [its] environmental impact," boasting that "online shopping is inherently more environmentally friendly than traditional retailing" and linking to a study to back that up.

It talks about its Kaizen program "named for the Japanese term meaning 'change for the better'," as the website helpfully explains.

Google Might Get Google+ Google Realtime Search Goes Offline,

Happy Fourth of July! Google pulled the plug on its realtime search while you were barbecuing some ribs and slamming a few beers out on the patio. Now welcome back to the real world.

So while most of America was wrapped up in its three-day weekend, Google disabled its Realtime Search feature. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally), it's also pulling Twitter results from the search.

Jun 30, 2011

VisionOnlineJobs Review

I have been working for VISION online jobs ( and my findings are that company is very honest and smart to pay back for what you do for them. They have penalized me for the mistakes I made while working because the franchise people did not educate me about the whole process which resulted in my anger and anxiety towards franchise staff.

Jun 26, 2011

Cool Your Head to Fall Asleep - Tip for Insomniacs

PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou
Can't sleep? If darkening the room doesn't help, you might try a cooling cap.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reported this week at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) that keeping the brain cool may help people with insomnia to catch more z's.

Jun 25, 2011

Free to Be You and Me: Valve's 'Team Fortress 2' Goes Grati

valve's got a good thing going on two important fronts.

First, its Steam digital distribution network went from an idea viewed with skepticism to a juggernaut that's a vital destination for developers both big and small who want to reach PC gaming audiences.

Second, as one of gaming's most respected creative studios, they've created classics like the Counter-

Two Seriously Cheap Android Tablets Revealed by Archos

Somehow, Archos has managed to fit some powerful hardware into an Android tablet that's just over half the price of an iPad.

The Archos G9 series tablets will come in two flavors when they launch in late September: An 8-inch model will start at $279 and have the same screen resolution as an iPad (1024-by-768), and a 10.1-inch model will start at $349 and use a widescreen format like many other modern Android tablets.

Is FTC Preparing to Subpoena Google over Abuse of Power?

Techland Illustration
Is Google too big for the U.S. Government? That might explain why the company is rumored to be facing subpoenas concerning abuse of its position in web-search advertising.

The Wall Street Journal quotes the traditional "people familiar with the matter," and explains that "issues in the FTC probe are expected to include whether Google searches unfairly steer users to the company's own growing network of services at the expense of rival providers."

Twitter Mulls Putting Ads in Your Timeline

Techland photo
The commercialization of Twitter is going to mean advert tweets appearing in users' timelines, according to the Financial Times.

Given the hoo-ha when the company added the "QuickBar" to timelines viewed via its iOS app, see if you can imagine how much of a stink putting ads in the timeline would cause. One helluva one.

iPhone Apps That Worry Police - LulzSec Leak

Hacker group LulzSec has struck again, this time targeting Arizona law enforcement by releasing thousands of pages of confidential documents and communications presumably acquired in a security breach. Among those documents are several that show law enforcement's special interest in the iPhone and other smart phones.

Facebook May Have Just Reached 750 Million Users

Less than one year after Facebook's big 500 million user milestone, the social network is still piling on more users.

A source close to the company tells TechCrunch that Facebook's user count has just passed 750 million. Facebook won't officially confirm the number, probably because it's waiting for 1 billion users before it makes another announcement, but earlier estimates from this month and last month suggest that the numbers may at least be close to the mark.

iPhone 6 in 2012, New MacBook Airs in July, 15m iPhone 5s in First Batch

I'm ready for my upgrade, by which I mean from a well-worn early 2010 13-inch MacBook Pro to a shiny new Thunderbolt-equipped 11.6-inch MacBook Air—if Apple does right by me spec-wise with its imminent MacBook Air refresh, anyway. The latest rumors (per DigiTimes) don't tell us much about what to expect from Cupertino's ultraportable not-a-netbook (but really, yes Apple, a netbook) product update, save that it's due to happen in July.

Jun 19, 2011

Google ramps up speed of search

Google has made changes to its search engine as it strives to get consumers the information they want faster.

Its new Instant Pages system will shave between two to five seconds off the time it takes for a web page to load, the company said.

It is also planning to offer voice-activated and enhanced image searching.

First Chromebook on sale in US

The first laptop running Google's Chrome operating system has gone on sale in the United States.

The Samsung machine replaces installed software with browser-based apps which store files online.

Google claims that the technology enables a new way of computing,  removing the need for features such as anti-virus software or optical drives.

Atif Aslam Criticized By Abhijit Sawant

This is not the first time, any indian singer is showing insecurity towards Atif, prominent singers like Asha Bhosle, Abhijeet and Sunidhi Chauhan have earlier criticized Atif Aslam in the past.

Abhijit Sawant – who will be seen in an upcoming Bolly flick

‘Comedy ke Tansen’ – was when asked, why has he put his musical career on stake ? he replied the question with, “There’s a great deal of lobbying in the music industry.

Spam Invation into the Kindle Store

It's sad, but it's true: Spam is as spam does. It gets everywhere. It's now found its way into Amazon's Kindle e-book store.

One of the great things about the Kindle store is that anyone can sign up as an author, upload a manuscript, and "publish" it for instant sales to millions of Kindle owners, desperate to consume more e-ink because their Kindle still has 76 years of battery life left and they'll be damned if they're going to let any of that go to waste.

'' Indian Town Renames Itself

A small village in India has decided to rename itself " Nagar" after an online daily deals company, and surprisingly, it's not some overblown publicity scheme gone wrong.

Instead, the town (or "nagar," in case you were wondering why it was called " Nagar") chose to change its name to thank the company for adopting the village and installing manual pumps, giving the inhabitants clean drinking water for the first time.

Burn an OS X Lion Boot Disc

When Apple's OS X Lion debuts in July, it'll only be available through Apple's Mac App Store. No retail copies, no white-edged Apple-gray install DVDs—just an install file you'll purchase and pull down by conjuring the App Store from your Mac's dock and perusing "New and Noteworthy" for a picture of Apple's new tawny-maned kitty. Oh, and you'll need at least 2GB of memory, 4GB of install space and to be running the very latest version of OS X Snow Leopard in the bargain to make it all work.

Are You Ready for 't-Commerce'? TV Meets e-Commerce

Doug Aamoth / Techland
Ben Bajarin is the Director of Consumer Technology Analysis and Research at Creative Strategies, Inc, a technology industry analysis and market intelligence firm located in Silicon Valley.

Earlier this week I spoke at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition. The topic I was asked to address was related to connected TV. More specifically I was addressing how the advent of Internet connected TV's will drive new commerce opportunities called "t-Commerce" or commerce through the television.

Facebook Readies Its Own iPad App for Launch

Late last night news broke that Facebook was finally making its own iPad app. "An iPad app?" you say. "Haven't iPads been around for, like, a year now?"

Yep. The iPad's been without a native Facebook app since its launch in April 2010. But the New York Times is reporting that sources at Facebook will introduce their long-awaited iPad app some time in the next few weeks.

An Upgraded 7-inch 'Galaxy Tab' Android Tablet? Let's Hope So

In a rumor that's as shaky as rumors get, Samsung may be working on an updated version of its 7-inch Galaxy Tab.

That's right, the original iPad rival that was quickly overshadowed by newer, shinier competition -- including the iPad 2 and a bigger Samsung tablet -- is reportedly getting a refresh, according to Italy's unofficial Samsung HD Blog.

Jun 17, 2011

Now you can't watch 'Friday' anymore - Rebecca Black Video Off YouTube

Happy Friday everyone! Well everyone but Rebecca Black, the 13-year-old YouTube sensation whose song "Friday" has gotten 167 million views. If you haven't seen the notoriously bad video, you may have lost your chance. Rebecca's family had the video taken down because they say Ark Music Factory, the company they hired to make it, is wrongfully exploiting the song and Rebecca's image.

Jun 10, 2011

Twitter's Link Shortener - Why Third Parties Will Be Okay

Once upon a time not very long ago, the link shortening business appeared to be the tech world's next golden egg. Site's like TinyURL and Bitly were able to build fully-realized business models by condensing links down to more manageable Twitter lengths of roughly 20 characters long.

Financers were impressed. In October of last year, Bitly managed to raise another $9 million in series B funding with its 200 million clicks supplied per day.

Spain Nabs Alleged 'Anonymous' PlayStation Network Hackers

Image: Wikimedia Commons
The hackers behind recent attacks on Sony's PlayStation Network may be less anonymous than they'd hoped. The New York Times is reporting that police in Spain say they've nabbed three individuals allegedly involved in recent hack-intrusions against Sony's PSN (among other cyber-iniquities). The three were arrested independently in the Spanish cities of Almeria, Barcelona and Valencia.

Google's Green Push Is Like Taking 2,000 Cars Off the Road Each Year

From their data facility cooled by seawater, to the green-friendly architects they hired to design their new offices, we here at Techland are big fans of all the sustainable initiatives Google's been unveiling.

In the latest post on the Google blog, the company revisits its RechargeIT initiative from 2007, which aimed to cut CO2 levels and oil use by standardizing electric plug-in vehicles across the company.

Jun 8, 2011

Protect Your iPad While Cooking

The iPad makes a nice digital cookbook, huh? But using it around messy ingredients can get downright ugly and trying to use the touchscreen when your hands are covered in whatever it is that people who know how to cook have their hands covered in is a bad, bad idea.

Another Hit to Skype, Drops 'Small Number' of Users

What goes down must eventually come back up. That would've been Newton's fourth law had he lived another 284 years and been using Skype this morning.

"Skype broken for everyone?" wrote Xona Games' game producer Matthew Doucette on Twitter this morning. I glanced up at my Mac's menu bar. Sure enough, the dreaded X-Cloud (or "X-in-a-cloud," you pick) icon.

One in Four Hackers Works for the U.S. Government

If you're worried about being attacked by computer hackers, here's a curious piece of information that might put your mind at ease: 25% of them are working for the FBI.

The Guardian newspaper has discovered that one in four hackers is an FBI informer as part of a recent investigation, with many forums where hackers sell illegally obtained information being run by either moles or undercover FBI agents.

Sony Leads with Apology for PlayStation Network Outage: E3 2011

Image: Jack Tretton / Sony
Sony bigwig Jack Tretton kicked things off at E3 2011 last night exactly as we hoped he might, owning the PlayStation Network outage from his first word, and even managing to crack a joke and tease the press, who've certainly benefited traffic-wise from Sony's misery.

"This isn't the first time that I've come to an E3 press conference with an elephant in the room," said Tretton, dressed in a gray suit, pink shirt, and light blue tie as he strode the stage and kicked off Sony's E3 presser.

Your Mouse Is Doomed

There was so much stuff announced at Apple's WWDC keynote yesterday, it's hard to know where to start.

But one thing was abundantly clear: The humble mouse you've got plugged into your computer is living on borrowed time. There are Lions prowling, and they're hungry for mouse-sized snacks.

Incredible Photo of Space Shuttle Endeavour Docked in Space

Photo: NASA
It's one of those shots that makes you go "holy word-I-can't-say-here": A space shuttle hanging from the International Space Station like a bird caught midflight, or a high diver reaching around about to leap backwards off a diving board. It's also the first photograph of a shuttle—the very vehicle that helped assemble the space station over the past decade—taken by another spacecraft while snapped into the ISS.

Burp America's First Ever Text Message

Yes, "Burp." Oh dear.

That's the trouble with key moments in history: Very often, the people involved have no idea that they're taking part in a key moment in history.

Most of time it's just another ordinary day where you brush your teeth, go to work, and type the word "Burp" in a message to your boss. Happens all the time.

Apple Unveils Plans for Incredible Spaceship-style HQ

"Spectacular is an understatement."

With those words, Cupertino Council Member Orrin Mahoney greeted Steve Jobs' presentation to the council about his plans for a new HQ, just a few blocks down the road from the existing one located at One Infinite Loop.