Jun 30, 2011

VisionOnlineJobs Review

I have been working for VISION online jobs (www.visiononlinejobs.com) and my findings are that company is very honest and smart to pay back for what you do for them. They have penalized me for the mistakes I made while working because the franchise people did not educate me about the whole process which resulted in my anger and anxiety towards franchise staff.
In my case I had the worst experience with Sub Franchise. They are either not aware of the whole scenario or they are simply making people fast stupid.

Some of the most ominous thing is that they hide the payment method from you. So payment criteria is very important for people to understand before they start working with the company. Following are the ideal understandings you must have before you pay the registration fee:
  1. Monthly tax will be deducted as per your selected package plan
  2. They only pay you in lump sum, round sum of $ 100 i.e if you have earned $360 you will get $300 only and remaining balance goes to your account which will be adjusted in next payment.
  3. 10% of your total payment will be deducted i.e out of $300 you will get $270 only.
You must have hundred of questions I would love to answer them all in the comments below. So go ahead I am waiting for your questions.