Apr 27, 2011

Support kids in feeling good about themselves

It is our children. Why don’t we enlist our children’s help more often? Beliefs like children should be seen and not heard. So our limited and limiting understanding of children’s emotions and capabilities is, in a sense, in its infancy.

So many times our kids are the last person we turn to for help, information, or support. This friend wanted some help in creating a retreat for the teens that would bring both sides together to do some conflict resolution and community building.

Alienware unveils M18x gaming notebook

Alienware is proud to attempt to redefine mobile gaming yet again with the M18x gaming notebook, and is proud to announce that said machine is the “most powerful 18-inch gaming laptop in the universe”. •Powerful Dual GPU options with the fastest graphics memory (GDDR5) on all graphics options
•New Intel “Huron River” Architecture with a new factory overclocked Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad Core processor up to 4GHz

Toshiba’s 19nm NAND flash memory and SanDisk

Now SanDisk and Toshiba have developed and fabricated NAND flash memory modules with 19nm process technology.
The new process, which is the finest yet achieved, has been applied to 2-bit-per-cell (X2) 64 gigabit monolithic chips and offers the highest single chip density of 8GB. It will allow for the creation of 128GB devices using 16 chips for use in smartphones, tablets and removable storage devices with the high capacities and small form factors.

Sonam, Shahid get wet in the rain in Romantic Film "Mausam"

A Bollywood romantic film bearing the title Mausam can’t possibly do without a rain song. So there were Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor getting wet and frisky on the sets of the film last week. In a remarkable display of professionalism, Sonam insisted on shooting the song in studio rain despite having recovered from poor health just days back.

US President Barack Obama meets Mallika Sherawat

Last week, Mallika Sherawat became one of the selected few to meet the US President Barack Obama over a cup of tea in Los Angeles. Mallika expressed her exuberance on Twitter. When a follower pointed to her that she was trending on Twitter, Mallika responded: “What? wow cant believe;) & all it took was a meetin w/ Obama lol”

Apr 23, 2011

PTCL 50MB Broadband via VDSL2 Bonding technology

PTCL has become the first industry in the world who launches 50MB Broadband using VDSL2 Bonding technology. PTCL says that this high speed network in Pakistan will be first commercial use of VDSL2 technology in the telecom industry globally. PTCL said that it will be using VDSL2 Bonding technology to provide existing digital subscriber line (DSL) customers with speeds up to 50 Mbps.“PTCL is the first service provider worldwide to deploy a commercial VDSL2 Bonding solution that aims at doubling the bandwidths provided to its existing customers.

Apr 18, 2011

Microsoft dropped support for Vista and XP users - IE10 for Windows 7 only

Microsoft has recently announced that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) browser which is currently under development, is coming soon. However IE10 will not be compatible with the Windows Vista or XP operating systems. This decision of Microsoft to drop support for IE10 makes it the first browser developer to drop support for Vista,

Beauty of Swat Valley - Mahudand Lake

Mahudand Lake ("Lake of Fishes") is a lake about 40 km from Kalam, in Pakistan's upper Ushu Valley. It is accessible with a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is a good location for fishing. This valley lies in the North of Kalam, is famous not only among nature lovers, and escapists but also the exotic trout fish hunters. The valley can be accessed through an un-metalled road from Kalam in a four by four (4x4) vehicle.

Riverstone introducing new funky designs - Fashion trends in 2011

Dare to Watch New Shoking Video of Japan Tsunami

We’ve already seen so many drastic footage of the tragic Japan tsunami, however this video is the most terrible yet. Video is almost as dramatic as the audio track. Their voices have reached a high level of panic and horror as they watch their homes washing away. This video is Entitled “South Sanriku — Tsunami and it has been seen from School named "Shizugawa High School,”

Apr 17, 2011

Ranbir and Priyanka aren't paired opposite each other

MUMBAI: Ranbir was upset to hear that Priyanka had been poking fun at his Casanova image and his several linkups. Though the comments were made in jest.

A source reveals, "Ranbir and Priyanka aren't paired opposite each other. In fact it's B-Town debutante Ileana who is his romantic interest in Burfi.

Great comedian Babu Baral passes away after Mustana

LAHORE: Famous comedian Babu Baral passed away here after a prolonged illness at the age of 47.

Babu Baral had been suffering from Cancer, Hepatitis and kidney disease and was being treated at private Hospital.

Gaga has found herself in the fight for No. 1

LOS ANGELES: It looks like we've got an old-fashioned diva battle for No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart next week.

Lady Gaga's "Judas," which leaked to the Web Friday morning was rush-released to the iTunes Store and could possibly debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 next week.

The Best Film Debut of the year - Bird is the word as 'Rio'

LOS ANGELES: Audiences flocked to theaters to see tropical bird comedy "Rio," knocking fellow kid-flick "Hop" off its perch to score the best debut weekend of the year, industry data showed Sunday.

The 3-D cartoon, about pet macaw Blu -- voiced by "Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg

Apr 16, 2011

Opportunistic concertgoer snatched Ring from SHAKIRA

SHAKIRA was robbed by a fan during a concert.
The 34-year-old singer was shaking hands with revellers as she performed in Monterrey, Mexico last Thursday when one opportunistic concertgoer snatched her ring from her finger.
Although Shakira noticed the robbery - which was caught on camera - she continued performing and did not confront the thief. No arrests have been made and the concert at the University of Monterrey, was her final show in the country.

Apr 15, 2011

Seeking to Understand Your Teen's World is Essential

Is thr a gnr8shn gap bt rents n teens?
If you can read the above title, then most likely, you speak teen. Today’s teens are some of the most technologically savvy teens ever. Most teens engage in texting, IMing, chatting, or some other form of electronic communication. That’s in addition to actually talking on the phone, emailing, and facebooking. They are in constant contact with one another and often become distressed when they don’t have access to friends.

Now upload directly to mobile devices using Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card uploads directly
Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card uploads directly
Eye-Fi's range of wireless memory cards have been giving photographers the ability to send photos from a digital camera to a computer over an existing Wi-Fi network for a few years now. That's great if you're close to your home network but what when you're out and about and want to offload some of those captured pics and vids from your camera? The company's latest Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card answers the call with a new Direct Mode

How to Select Your Own Image As a Background in Gmail

Google has recently launched customer background image themes considering the feedback of its users who thought that it would be a lot better if they could give Gmail an even more personalized look and create themes completely on their own.

Here’s how you can make it happen when you’re in Gmaill:

Apr 14, 2011

How to Control your cell phone with a ring

Control your cell phone with a ringNokia’s Nenya ring allows the user to control their cell phone with a twist of the ring, like a magician. Speaking of magic, the name Nenya apparently is derived from a ring of power that was wielded by Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings. Of course, there is no magic involved. In fact, the technology is as simple as mounting a magnet inside the ring. The ring can be twisted at 45 degree angles, which allow commands for about 8 different functions.

Ayubia National Park - Nature at its best

Ayubia Park
Ayuba National Park (abbreviated Ayuba) protected area of ​​3,312 hectares (8,184 acres) located in the district of Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. E 'was declared a national park named after the late 1984. Ayubia Muhammad Ayub Khan (1958-1969), the second president of Pakistan. Area of ​​coniferous forest supports moderate and moderate and mixed deciduous forest with an average elevation of 8,000 feet (2,400 m) above sea level.

Apr 13, 2011

Wateen Wimax ZTE USB Driver Download

Now Wateen ZTE USB Drivers are available to download for the first time. And the good news is that you don’t need to visit franchise for drivers any more. Simply Go to the link pasted below and click on DOWNLOAD NOW to get the software for the Wateen USB.

Apr 11, 2011

Microsoft releases new Internet Explorer 9 browser

AUSTIN: Microsoft released the latest version of its Internet Explorer Web browsing software free online late Monday, hoping to fend off recent challenges by Firefox and Google Chrome.

"IE9 has just released around the world," a booming voice told a cheering crowd at 11:00 pm Monday (0400 GMT Tuesday) in the Austin City Limits Live concert hall where a launch party was being held.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was available for download in 30 languages at beautyoftheweb.com.

Shaolin monks to improve China's poor football performance

Kung fu football school in China

Shaolin monks are hoping to improve China's poor football performance with a new training school which combines football with kung fu. Shi Yanlu, head of the venture at the world famous Shaolin Temple, says he believes the disciplines of kung fu will benefit young footballers. He has selected 40 young monks to train at the school under the supervision of martial arts experts and former international footballers. Yanlu said: "Right now, China's football performance is really disappointing. We hope by combining kung fu elements and spirit, Chinese football can perform better."

Novel Blackberry alerts for Philippine disasters

MANILA: A Philippine charity said Monday it had launched a novel early warning system for disaster-prone areas using Blackberry devices and laptops.

The devices are hooked to a text message system that would immediately alert the communities to typhoons, storm surges, tsunamis, landslides and earthquakes, the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) said.

Rahman to turn a producer for his company Y M Movies

A R Rahman

Music composers are not just music composers anymore. They are trying their best in other trades of cinema too. And Vijay Antony (acting) and S S Kumaran (direction) are the recent examples to it. Now, the latest buzz is that A R Rahman will soon turn a producer and will make films under his newly launched production company Y M Movies. “Talks are currently on,” say sources in the know.

Country Awards - Taylor Swift wins top prize

Singers Miranda Lambert and  Taylor Swift

Miranda Lambert won four prizes at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday but lost the coveted entertainer of the year honor to Taylor Swift in a major surprise. Swift, who picked up four nominations, had watched from her seat throughout the ceremony as rivals Lambert and Lady Antebellum went up to the stage. She was stunned when her name was finally called for the final prize, a fan-voted honor.

Britney Spears is back to copmete with Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Rihanna

Britney Spears

As Britney Spears prepares to launch her seventh studio album "Femme Fatale" on Tuesday, the pop star faces keen competition from Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Rihanna, who reign atop Billboard's Hot 100 singles ranking. Her younger rivals' dominance this week may be coincidental -- indeed, Spears also topped the ranking recently with "Hold It Against Me." -- but the chart is a reminder of how crowded the pop diva market has become since Spears rose to fame as a teenager.

Review of Britney Spears “Femme Fatale”

Britney Spears “Femme Fatale”

Femme Fatale isn’t Britney Spears’ “comeback” album, it’s not likely to stand as her best album and it’s not a “game-changing” collection of tracks, set to once again reshape her image to better blend in with the shifting pop cultural tide. That being the case, Femme Fetale is exactly what it needs to be. Like many of her contemporaries, Spears’ new release is built around songs constructed by Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

Microsoft files EU competition complaint against Google

SEATTLE: Microsoft Corp stepped up its rivalry with Google Inc on Thursday by filing a formal complaint with the European Commission claiming Google systematically thwarts Internet search competition.

It is the first time Microsoft -- itself the target of anti-competition action in the United States and Europe -- has filed a complaint with regulators over competition issues.

Rebecca's Worst song ever called Friday gets 45m views

Rebecca Black's pop song called Friday

A song by a 13-year-old American teenager has gone viral on the internet after being widely described as the worst one ever recorded. Rebecca Black's pop song called Friday has been viewed on YouTube more than 45 million times. It has trended on Twitter and been the subject of huge online comment and discussion. That's mainly because it's been derided by millions of people for what they say are its awful lyrics. Ones like "yesterday was Thursday Thursday, today it is Friday Friday", "gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta get my bus, i see my friends" and "we we we so excited, we so excited".

Facebook launches page for journalists

WASHINGTON: Facebook on Tuesday launched a media resource page to help journalists use the social network as a reporting tool and better connect with their audience.

The "Journalists on Facebook" page is intended to be "an ongoing resource for the growing number of reporters using Facebook to find sources, interact with readers, and advance stories," Justin Osofsky, Facebook's director of media partnerships, said in a blog post.

Movie Review of Animated film ‘Rio’

Animated film ‘Rio’

There’s an old saying which goes: when in Rio, do as the Rio birds do – have fun. Well, it’s not an old saying, but a new one you’ll conjure up after watching the fun, uplifting, 3D extravaganza of this animation feature that is worth every penny and second spent. Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), a macaw, is as domesticated as any pet can get. So much that despite being 15 years old, he has never flown, been cared for as he is by his loving master Linda (Leslie Mann) in a small Minnesota town.

Movie review of Animated movie 'Hop'

Animated movie 'Hop'

When it comes to notable secular Easter movies, there's Fred Astaire at the parade with Judy Garland and little else. But with the seasonal ubiquity of candy, eggs and bunnies, it's hardly a shock that an animation company would wring some type of festive, sentimental kids' flick out of so commercially tinged and cute animal-friendly a holiday.

‘ZNMD’ poster inspired from Lords of Dogtown

‘ZNMD’ poster inspired from ‘Lords of Dogtown’

The first theatrical poster of Zoya Akthar’s multi-starrer flick ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ (ZNMD) has been unveiled. While the poster is gripping, speculations are riding high that it has been inspired by the 2005's Hollywood flick ‘Lords of Dogtown'. ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ poster shows Hrithik Roshan posing shirtless in the centre with Farhan Akthar and Abhay Deol standing by his sides.

Sallu and SRK to compete for Best Actor award

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh KhanShahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will compete for the coveted Best Actor award at this year’s IIFA awards to be held in Canada. Salman is nominated for his blockbuster Dabangg and Shah Rukh for My Name is Khan. Others nominated in the category are Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgn. Ajay Devgan has been nominated for the role of a mafia don in Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, which is also the most nominated film at this year’s IIFA awards. Hrithik has been nominated for his role in Guzaarish. Ranbir Kapoor, the only young actor nominated in the category, got the thumbs up for his role in Raajneeti.

Ajay Devgn has taken Kajal Aggarwal under his wing

Ajay Devgn has taken Kajal Aggarwal under his wing

Ajay Devgn is taking a special interest in mentoring his Singham co-star Kajal Aggarwal. The south actress makes her debut in the Hindi remake directed by Rohit Shetty. Ajay has never taken an interest in promoting his lead heroines. But with Kajal, he feels that there needs to be a proper strategy in place to help launch her in B-Town. The actor was quite excited to have her on board. A source reveals, "Ajay has worked with newcomers before but has never shown this much enthusiasm and excitement. He now feels that one needs to be more aggressive than before. Also, he doesn't want to hide Kajal from the media."

Abhishek to turn singer for 'Dum Maro Dum'

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s junior Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan has lent his voice for a promotional video of his upcoming flick 'Dum Maro Dum, in which he will be seen essaying the role of a cop.

In Rohan Sippy's earlier movie 'Bluffmaster' Abhishek had sung 'Right Here Right Now', a hip hop number which became a huge hit. But, Dum Maro Dum's 'Thayn Thayn' is about Abhishek's character ACP Kamat.

Beyonce is preparing to make musical comeback

Beyonce is preparing to make musical comeback

Little details have been given away about Beyonce's hotly-anticipated new album after three years since her last release. But perhaps fans of the singer can be expecting a Seventies-influence after the superstar was spotted embracing the decade's fashion at photoshoot over the weekend. Wearing a shaggy Afghan fur red jacket, blue flared jumpsuit and platform shoes, the 29-year-old posed on a wrought iron balcony of faded hotel in New Jersey.

HSY at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

HSY at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2011PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week finale show was by staged by Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) with his  menswear and womenswear collection entitled "Voyage National" inspired by the beautiful face of Pakistan.
The showcase featured DJ Shahrukh with percussionist Sikander Mufti live on the ramp while models sashayed down  accompanied by a video saluting Pakistan. Showcasing for the third time at the prestigious week and true to the label’s philosophy of timeless elegance, the collection celebrated the creativity and exceptional artistry embedded in our traditional crafts.

Brand pulls double duty and 'Hop' keeps top spot

LOS ANGELES: British bad boy Russell Brand dominated the North American box office, with a starring turn in the top-earning "Hop," as well as in the remake of the 1980's classic "Arthur," the number two weekend film, industry estimates showed Sunday.

"Hop," a partially animated Easter-themed romp, remained atop the box office for a second consecutive week, with a weekend gross of $21.7 million,

Case with built in keyboard for Logitech iPad 2

Logitech iPad 2 case with built in keyboardLogitech has entered the seemingly insatiable iPad accessory market with a case that should appeal to those looking to use their new iPad 2 for something a bit more productive than playing Fruit Ninja. The Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to match Apple's tablet, features a built-in wireless keyboard and is lined with high-density padding to keep the tablet safe and secure and prevent the keyboard from touching the screen, even if dropped.

Lets Combat Stress with Good Nutrition

Ways to Combat Stress with Good Nutrition

As we get busy and stressed, we tend to make poor nutritional choices that can actually increase our stress levels and cause other problems. Here are ten tips for getting good nutrition and maintaining a more healthy diet, even under stress.
 After a few weeks, they’ll become habit and you won’t even have to think about good nutrition. And your body—not to mention your stress level—will feel the difference!

Apr 3, 2011

How to Install Plugins in WordPress - Beginners Guide

I am new to WordPress. I am very exciting about wordpress plugins. But my blog do not show "Plugin" page. Is this available to only few? Or I am missing something ? Currently I am using my blog on wordpress.com