Jan 6, 2012

Fake Online Data Entry Job Providers in Pakistan

As inflation in Pakistan climbs to sky high rates, more and more people are looking for alternatives to make money to make ends meet.

Many of these people turn to the internet as a source of income and majority of them get caught up in a web of deception spun by scammers and con artists. In fact a study claims that the top cybercrimes in Pakistan are financial crimes.

Why is it so attractive?

Making money via internet is attractive for a number of reasons.

The comfort of sitting at home and generating income is massively appealing. Add to it that the only investment is a computer and an internet connection and you’ve got yourself a potential goldmine.
Scammers count on this desire to make a quick rupee, to achieve their goals. Every day one gets hammered by online companies trying to part you from your cash. But now that most people are aware of the risks of these companies, scammers are turning to more imaginative ways to cheat people out of their money.

Scamming has reached new heights these days with the saddest development being this trend spreading fast in Pakistan with our own people trying to cheat us out of our own money.

Minting Money in the name of Registration Fee!

One example is the now defunct visiononlinejobs.com. This website claims to be an advertising agency in America with connections to various companies there whereas they are totally based in Pakistan. They try to lure people into the concept of free commission by bringing in more people. They offer 25% commission to its franchises who would eventually keep bringing in more and more people for their commission.

People spend the whole month working to complete the hectic projects assigned by these companies. At the end of following month instead of paying committed amount, they come up with lame excuses and reject your work by mentioning that you have done the following mistakes:

Auto software used
Link errors / Link missing
Project file not attached
Assignment late submitted

Too good to be true? Well, yeah. The catch is that they have a registration fee. They offer different packages, with the expensive ones offering more money to complete assigned projects. You might be rolling your eyes on how could one fall for such an obvious scam but estimates suggest that they managed to acquire around 4 million rupees in the space of one month, before they are about to shut down. Thousands of people lost money and by the time scam will be reported, they will just disappear with all the money.

Message for Bloggers

Please spread the word, and save the innocent people of your country.